Exige S Roadster

To create desirable, wind-in-the-hair excitement, the Exige S Roadster maintains its peerless lightweight performance pedigree with its top removed. Better to hear the 345bhp (350PS) supercharged V6 engine, the aural effect is of a classic convertible. Yet, there is no loss of its track-inspired details and its focused aerodynamics and hip-hugging cabin, underline its purpose. The purity of its driving thrills are a Lotus remit that promotes the sensation of driver intimacy with the car, enhanced, when the weather permits, by greater intimacy with the environment. The Exige S Roadster is a performance car developed for drivers by equally passionate drivers. Developed expertly by the renowned Lotus ride and handling team, at the Hethel test track, its dynamic capabilities are inspirational, in the way that only a Lotus can be.

With its racy V6 engine, the Exige S Roadster applies its supercharged immediacy to great effect. Its throttle response is instantaneous. Its weight distribution encourages a thrilling handling envelope. Its inherent mechanical grip is the stuff of legends. It is accompanied by an exhaust tone that highlights a pinnacle, open-topped sportscar.

Underpinning every Exige S Roadster is the most efficient, strongest and low weight, extruded and bonded chassis-tub. Based on more than 60 years of racing car developments, its torsional rigidity is uncompromised, even with the top removed. It allows the suspension to work most effectively, to provide unparalleled grip, a comfortable ride and a dynamic balance that is exceptional.

However inelegant some safety features can be, Lotus incorporates them within its Exige S Roadster as elements of the design package. An in-built roll structure keeps occupants safe, while an electronic speed limiter maintains comfort levels. The Dynamic Performance Management (DPM) ensures that the driver can harness the high potential of the engine and its chassis through three programmed settings (four, if you opt for the Pace Pack) and antilock brakes help to avoid hazards.

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SOURCE: Group Lotus PLC

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